About Highbridge Pointe

Highbridge Pointe LLC is a minority-owned small business that has been providing procurement and government contracting services, as well as IT consulting, since 2017. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on delivering value to its clients, Highbridge Pointe leverages its expertise in these areas to help organizations meet their business goals and drive economic growth. Through its team of experienced professionals and cutting-edge technologies, Highbridge Pointe offers innovative solutions that address the most pressing challenges facing businesses today.


Highbridge Pointe Guiding Principles


Our government procurement and contracting process is committed to transparency, fairness, efficiency, and fostering partnerships to drive innovation and economic growth with the highest levels of integrity and accountability. 


Create an innovative, inclusive, and sustainable system that delivers exceptional value to the public, promotes competition, and sets the standard for excellence in government operations.

Core Values

Mission above all, provide superior products, and committed to integrity.

Highbridge Pointe Services


  • Acquisitions of goods and services
  • Conducted market research
  • Identify potential vendors
  • Conducted risk assessments
  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders


  • Providing growth and diversification
  • Specialized expertise in IT
  • Reduced governments risk
  • Operations & Maintenance


  • Advised clients on IT strategy
  • Recommend solutions 
  • Identify opportunities 
  • Designed complex IT systems
  • Subject matter expertise in IT strategy


Highbridge Pointe LLC is proud to be recognized and approved as a Small Minority Disadvantaged Business in Maryland. This esteemed designation reflects our dedication to excellence and commitment to fostering diversity in the business community. As we continue to grow and expand our operations, we are actively seeking partnerships with forward-thinking companies who value collaboration, diversity, and innovation. Our team is eager to collaborate and leverage our unique strengths, ensuring mutual success and contributing positively to the Maryland business landscape.

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Telephone: +1 301 785 6217

To receive more information about our services, discuss potential teaming arrangements you can contact us here or send an email to 

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